The First Noel

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    D       A       G          D 
The first Noel, the angels did say 
       D            A            G              D 
Was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay 
   D            A        G             D 
In fields where they lay keeping their sheep 
     D            A          G      D 
On a cold winters night that was so deep 
  D      A     G     D 
Noel, No-el, Noel, Noel 
 D          A       G   D 
Born is the King of Is-rael 

They looked up and saw a star 
Shining in the east beyond them far 
And to the earth it gave great light 
And so it continued both day and night 

And by the light of that same star 
Three wise men came from country far 
To seek for a King was their intent 
And to follow the star wherever it went 


  1. Thanks for the chord and lyrics. They help us for the Christmas time. MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  2. Absolutely awesome site! I love the old hymns & Christmas song but they are usually very difficult to sing. These chords will help with our children’s ministry and for the adults also. Thanks a lot for sharing your gift with us! May the Lord continue to use and bless you!

  3. Thank u soo much fr this web site.It has been a great pleasure to have this site for peopel like us who want to play guitar.and that too gospel music…iv been searching fr sites that have the max songs availabe..this is so easy and this and also thansk fr teh creator of this web page….may people be blesed by these works….

  4. TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! This song is in done in F and C not what is here…. Thisversion sounds HORRIBLE and off tune

  5. My church just started a ministry to a nursing home that is near us. These old hymns will be very familiar to the wonderful people who live there. Thanks for providing this site. Our first time to go is tonight to meet the folks and sing for them. They are going to enjoy these songs for sure!

  6. Thanks gor this chord….this chord very help me for the christmas time……

    God bless u

  7. This is great for a beginning guitarist. Just a note for “Chris,” songs only need to be in the key that’s comfortable to the singer(s). Get your head out of your chimney and become a better musician.

  8. Wonderful site. Keep up the good work. How about adding some country gospel songs and worship songs to your site?

  9. Even for the key of D the changes don’t work for me. The version on worked better. (no plug…that’s just where I found it)

  10. you guys did great creating this kind of stuffs,keep up your great works

  11. Hi, all these are great hymns of all time. Am so blessed to have logged in ….

    Lary Bauer (Uganda)

  12. it’s very nice song*))

  13. hope i will enjoy this christmas with praising our god almighty

  14. We sang this when we were kids. as we walked home from sunday school. it gave us all a tremedous feeling of hope and wonder. The baby Jesus is with us always.

  15. thanx 4 da was vry helpful 2 mke this event asuccess.wish u luck to do more good things.and wish u all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  16. this is so awesome i really love itthank god for putting this online 🙂 he is good in all ways impossible to man

  17. This is great stuff. Well done

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