Nothing but the Blood

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  G             Em
What can wash away my sin?
 G              C        D  G
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.
 G                Em
What can make me whole again?
 G              C        D  G
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

     Oh, precious is the flow,
      D                       C
     That makes me white as snow;
     G        Em
     No other fount I know,
      G              C        D  G
     Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

For my pardon this I see,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.
For my cleansing this my plea,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Nothing can for sin atone,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.
Naught of good that I have done,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

This is all my hope and peace,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.
This is all my righteousness,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.


  1. thank you so much, craig. this is an excellent resource and a great blessing.

  2. This is really my favourite hymn of all time.i luv how it sums up and reconciles everything we are and need to the blood of our Savior Jesus!now i can play it on my guitar in my QT wth Him.i luv the chords!thanx.

  3. Hey nice Craig,

    Just stumbled across this site. What an awesome blessing for me as I am always looking for songs that have easy to play chords as I am also just learning to play guitar.

    Thanks heaps

  4. Thank you so much.. I’m learning how to play the guitar.. And its my calling to sing for him.. Again thank you and god bless

  5. Just curious about how you list songs, without their writers, etc. e.g.there’s no CCLI number attached to each song.

  6. why dont people put the cords for the whole song. so if a person is learning is he to just guess the cords for the rest of the song. do you know of a site that gives you the cords for the whole song

  7. Rod – Don’t know about every song here, but most hymns including this one are in the public domain. Copyright is hoo-doo when the guy has been dead for 111 years!
    By the way, CCLI #’s are NEVER required when displaying a song for use in worship. CCLI does not have a legal monopoly over the WORSHIP OF GOD.

  8. I really like your chords for this. If I make make couple suggestions. For the C chord. I a couple of spots the normal singing of the song requires you to sing a B against the C. You should try using a C7 in the place of the normal C chord so that the chord includes the sung note. Also in the first line of the course, you could add a B/G so that you are not holding out a normal G chord the whole way through.

    Just a couple thoughts, take theme or leave then. Otherwise great chords.

  9. Thanks. I’m a beginner with guitar and this is really helpful

  10. Im a beginner and i just cant seem to get the strummin right for this song……… can u help me?

  11. @ Dean–when chorded like this one is just repeat the chords in same pattern for other verses–if you practice the chord progression it will be easy

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