God Has Spoken

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D              A 
God has spoken by His prophets, 
D            A 
Spoken His unchanging Word, 
D                A 
Each from age to age proclaiming 
D                 A         D 
God, the one, the righteous Lord. 
A       D           A       D 
Mid the world's despair and turmoil, 
A        D       Em     A 
One firm anchor holding fast; 
D                A 
God is King, His throne eternal, 
D                  A       D 
God the first, and God the last. 

God has spoken by Christ Jesus
Christ, the everlasting Son
Brightness of the Father's glory
With the Father ever one
Spoken by the Word Incarnate
God of God, before time was
Light of light, to earth descending
He reveals our God to us

God is speaking by his Spirit
Speaking to the hearts of all
In the ageless Word expounding
God's own message for us all
Through the rise and fall of nations
One sure faith yet standing fast
God abides, his Word unchanging
God the first and God the last

Melody: Ode to Joy 

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