Away in a Manger

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Away in a manger, 
   D            G 
No crib for His bed 
    A           D 
The little Lord Jesus 
     Em             A 
Laid down His sweet head 
The stars in the bright sky 
       D             G 
Looked down where He lay 
    A           D 
The little Lord Jesus 
  Em      A   D 
Asleep on the hay 

The cattle are lowing 
The poor Baby wakes 
But little Lord Jesus 
No crying He makes 
I love Thee, Lord Jesus 
Look down from the sky 
And stay by my side, 
'Til morning is nigh. 


  1. Thank for these great chords, I am visiting your site almost daily and learning a lot.

  2. I thank thee, I am so grateful to have found your website as I am teaching myself to play the guitar and have always wanted to be able to play hymns. I will be able to play hymns & Christmas Carols.

    You will be blessed as you are serving others.
    Keep up the Marvelous Work and thanks

  3. I have been looking for carols with chords so I can play, Thank you very much. I have just found this website tonight.

  4. try this:
    D (Bm)
    Away in the manger
    G D
    No crib for his bed
    The little Lord Jesus
    G D
    Laid down His sweet head etc…….

  5. What is the strumming pattern

  6. I agree with Tony. A lot.

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