Interested in Advertising on Guitar Chords for Hymns?

Well if you have a product that appeals to musically minded families, children, young adults, teachers or church workers, and you want to sell it, you should be…

We estimate in January – September 2013 that Guitar Chords for Hymns will average around 65,000 page views per month. This month December 2012, will be our biggest yet, probably exceeding 200,000 page views. We have just clicked over to our 2 millionth page view.

Our viewers

On Guitar Chords for Hymns we get a lot of different types of people. Some people find us because they want a particular hymn played at their wedding, or they’re looking to have a specific hymn played at a friend’s funeral and they don’t have an organist but have a guitarist!

We get grade school teachers, Sunday school teachers and youth group leaders trying to translate great old hymns for modern kids and contemporary instruments. We get 14 year-olds with their first guitar trying out Amazing Grace or a few Christmas Carols. We get lots of people thinking:  “Why did I volunteer for the church band? I have no idea how to play this hymn, the chords they’ve given me are too hard!!”  furiously googling at 10pm on a Saturday for simple chords to play. We also get Moms and Dads trying to teach their children their first Christmas Carols.

We even get ukulele and banjo players! We think the ukulele players are cool, particularly the lovely lady we’ve christened ‘ukulele girl’, who posted us on youtube.

Our readers are mostly North American (Canada and USA), with most of the remainder coming from English speaking countries, particularly the United Kingdom and Australia.

Is this site a good fit for my product?

We’d suggest this site is a good fit for you, if you are selling a quality, family friendly product and have developed professional looking advertisements. In particular if you are aiming at:

–  the North American market

–  with content that appeals to Christians but also non-church goers and faith-explorers

and are promoting:

– wedding or funeral related products or services

–  Christmas or Easter related products, including Christmas cards

–  music, sheet music, musical instruments or sound systems

–  Sunday school or teaching resources

–  Theological colleges, schools, or higher education institutions

–  Christian publications, websites, books, novels, bible studies, evangelism aids and bookshops

–  or anything else that thinking, musically minded or fun people are interested in.



We use Beaconads as a provider of third party advertising on this site. Beaconads are one of the largest providers of family friendly advertising for Christian focused websites.

It’s easy! All you do is signup to Beaconads, load up your advertisement, pay the fee, and watch your leads come in.

Do it now!

In the last few weeks of December, this site gets a massive increase in traffic. The per month prices we have put up on Beaconads are based on traffic for our normal months – being January to October, so if you sign up right now, you will get all that lovely extra Christmas traffic for free! Last Christmas Eve, we had 12,000 page views on the site (that’s a lot of families doing an impromptu Christmas carol after dinner). Otherwise you can just pay by impression and see how you go.

Hope to see hear from you soon,

Mr & Mrs C. Schwarze

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