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Guitar Chords for Hymns was created in 2008 by CraigS. He noticed at the time that it was difficult to find easy settings of chords to popular traditional hymns. Most of the chord charts available were rather complex and not particularly suited to the amateur musician.

Craig has been in several bands over the years and has for some time enjoyed playing guitar as part of the band in the Sunday morning service of his local church.

Recently he served as music director of the Sunday morning Service in his local church in Sydney, Australia.

He has been a regular contributor to a number of Christian websites over the years. He has contributed to Sydney Anglicans.net.au since 2006, and from 2009 until 2011 he headed up the Music review team for that website.

You can read his articles on the Sydney Anglicans website here: http://sydneyanglicans.net/author/5624/P75

Craig has been blogging in various forms since 2004. He has another blog “These Infinite Spaces”, which from 2004 until 2011, was one of the more popular Christian blogs in Australia. In January 2012, he had reinvented the blog into something entirely different, you can find out what here: http://theseinfinitespaces.blogspot.com.au/

Craig also contributes occasionally to Eternity Magazine, the magazine of the Bible Society in Australia: http://www.biblesociety.org.au/meet-the-bible-society/our-publications/about-eternity

Craig lives with his wife (Mrs CraigS) in Sydney, Australia.

Mrs CraigS is a little new to blogging. She’s a bit shy and old fashioned, so she won’t share her first name until she’s been introduced in person. Lately, she has been encouraging her husband to tidy up his blog (it needed a bit of a makeover). You might see her popping up on this blog from time to time, asking questions or making suggestions. She plays piano, but doesn’t really know one end of a guitar from the other.
God Bless.

Mr & Mrs S.

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  1. Can I post some Hymns up?I got a lot of Hymns….If you want me to post up Hymns..Thank you.

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